Dispute resolution

Former Chairman of the Society of Construction Law (SCL). Member of ICE Dispute Resolution Panel (2006 – 2008). Founding Member of the Adjudication Society (2000).

Member of the SCL Delay and Disruption Protocol Drafting Committees (2002 & 2017).

April 2008 – Member of London 2012 Construction Adjudication Panel

April 2008 – ICE London 2012 Conference Presentation

Member of panel of Adjudicators for Terminal 5 (2004). Since 1998 has regularly acted as an Adjudicator and has received over 50 appointments to date for disputes ranging in value from £10k to £10m.

Undertaken “mediation and conciliation” training organised by the Institution of Civil Engineers. Regularly engaged by Employers and Contractors to facilitate resolution of disputes by commercial negotiation. Two party appointments as Mediator and one as Arbitrator.

Received several major Expert appointments (1991-2004) in the fields of delay/extensions of time for disputes in range of £1M – £50M acting for various Sub/Main Contractor and Employer organisations. Member of the drafting committee of SCL’s Protocol for delay and disruption (1st edition 2002, review panel 2014/16). For more information go to: www.scl.org.uk/resources

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