Consultancy assignments involve strategic advice and implementation that lead to delivery improvements including greater predictability in outturn cost and programme. Consistent track record of delivery within budget and programme following significant period working with Honda’s client team. The Honda work resulted in a British Construction Industry Award in 2002. The award Judges noted Honda’s culture of openness and transparency together with a refusal to accept the status quo which resulted in a 40% improvement in outturn cost against the original plant built a decade earlier.

More recently applied client role skills leant in private sector to facilitate change and improvement to public sector clients within the Education and Health Sectors. The role starts by helping organisations to develop a clear focus on client leadership and governance. The strategic client role includes exploring potential alliances and opportunities both within and beyond the client organisation. Occasionally sits as an Adjudicator or Arbitrator on construction disputes which provide continual learning of how problems can and should be resolved before they grow into major disputes. Key learning from disputes experience is that better client governance could often have prevented the dispute from ever taking place.

Highways A46 AT Report

Highways M40 AT Report

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